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COEN! designs the interior of Dutch commercial and public broadcasting companies as RTL, NPO, KRO and 3FM. Of his hand appear interior products, a watch, a luxurious handbag and complete brand developments. His paper made vase ‘Press 'N Thing’ has become a design classic.

Projects designed by COEN! are colourful, graphic, bright, communicative. Designs can be found in many international collections and publications.





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In his autonomous art Coen van Ham reflects on he reflects on personal emotions, social context and universal values. In a stimulating way he observes people and their behaviour, he absorbs society. For example, with his artwork in public space Red Wire honouring the former red light district of Eindhoven. Or with the golden object Faithless, referring to the relationship between the material and the spiritual world.

Ever since he was a student, Coen van Ham paints the human body. He examines the soul of people to create colourful and expressive works on paper and canvas.



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Coen van Ham is often hired as lecturer, coach and consultant on identity development. Often he helps people find a foundation for a new brand, identity or design. And increasingly Coen helps companies to look sideways. Together with the customer he finds different, better, fresh and new solutions. 

Coen is hired for this skills as Director Concept and Design at Gielissen interiors | exhibitions | events or Design Consultant at Agium.


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