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How can you give the interior of the Musical broadcasting Center an attractive masterplan for more audience and revenue? We say: design a new grand café and make the main hall a multifunctional space. Cafe Elling is named after the famous Dutch architect Elling, designer of this building. Uniting musical history with delicious cuisine in a cozy grand café. With as a result a lively area with fresh bubbles and bites.

‘’The designer speaks.’
Stan Paardekooper, director MCO
‘His personal approach ensures Coen will lead you through the entire design proces step by step’
Rogier Hageman, Manager MCO
'The COEN! team designs with respect for the building's architect Piet Elling: sober lines, simplicity in form and material. Together with a bright colour palette that creates unity.'
Ryan K. L. Jiang. Executive Editor-in-chief Brand Magazine
+ interior design, lighting design
+ furniture design, logotype, menu
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