durable dutch design 

When do you consider an object as an interior product and when does it more appear as a packaging? COEN! designed Pres´N Thing (K’Do Ding): a foldable and waterproof carton that you can use as a vase, bin, bowl or box. Fold one of these items, fasten it with the press buttons and use it as a plant pot, wine cooler, bread basket, flower vase, popcorn bin or fruit bowl. Discover your own uses.

‘…ships flat but can be folded and snapped into any number of shapes.’
Heather Adams, journalist of The National

‘…work that promotes new thinking in its industry.’
Oscar Ramos Orozco, Chief Curator Behance, Inc.

‘Alles is Möglich’
Holland Magazin 

+ product, pattern, packaging, website
+ graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven
+ also a great business gift
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